About Us


Community Bank Connection was established in 1995 and has served the needs of over 500 Community Banks in 47 states.  The Company and its Teams serve only Community Banks and practice in the areas of Compliance, Communications, Bank Operations, Risk Assessments, Vendor Management, Vendor Contract Review and Negotiation, Technology Design, Implementation, and Support, Bank Policy Development and Maintenance, Training, Documentation Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, Paperless Enterprise Content Management and Presentment, Enterprise Risk Management Solutions, Strategic Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Testing, and Reporting, and Information Security Officer Services.


Why is Community Bank Connection Reputable?


Committed 100% to Community Banks  – Community Bank Connection only supports Community Banks.  Period.  It does not sell to nor support Independent Banks’ competitors.  It does not have exclusive arrangements with any service or product provider but only serves the Independent Banker.


Active in and Knowledgeable about the Marketplace – Community Bank Connection's Teams are constantly in the process of evaluating and implementing solutions for Community Banks, in addition to regularly attending regulatory exams throughout the country.  Community Bank Connection provides intelligent, compliant, and focused solutions throughout the market.


An Independent Advocate – CBC's Team Members step into the shoes of the Independent Banker and, based upon their experience and current knowledge of the marketplace, objectively evaluate the Bank’s environment.  When engaged to develop or implement solutions, our Team will recommend the most-appropriate solutions for the Bank based upon the Bank’s strategy, needs, capabilities, and resources.