Core Service VendorReview, Evaluation, Contract Review, Negotiation, and Oversight


Mergers and AcquisitionsOperations, Analysis, Design, Planning, Implementation, and Long-Term Support


Design, Planning, Implementation, and Long-Term Support

Exam and Audit Issues TrackingAutomation, Implementation, Oversight, and Reporting

Vendor ManagementAutomation, Implementation, Oversight, and Reporting

Bank PolicyBank-Wide Policy Development, Implementation, and Maintenance

Blue Print DocumentationDevelopment and Maintenance

Technology Asset ManagementDevelopment and Maintenance

Core Service Vendor

Vendor-Neutral Advocacy for Community Banks

  • A Fair Witness approach to what is best for the Bank
  • An Assertive Banker's Advocate Based on the Bank's Plan and Budget
  • A Single Point of Accountability
  • Exclusively Focused on Community Banking
  • Team of advocates with a combined 100 Years  Bank-Related Experience
  • Segmented Engagement Phases Available, Individually or as a Complete Package
  • Vision and Results Alignment for Bank
  • Solutions Driven by and Tailored for Each Individual Bank's Needs, Strategies, and Goals

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Operations Analysis, Planning and Implementation

  • Operations Analysis, Design, Planning, Vendor Review, Implementation and Support
  • Vendor Analysis, negotiation, planning and implementation
  • Budgeting Support
  • Technology Analysis, Design, Planning, Implementation and Support.
  • Operations and Vendor Documentation and Reporting


Support for all compliance needs


  • Compliance Design, Implementation and Support
  • Regulatory Exam Issues Remediation Support
  • Policy Review, Development and Support
  • Advertisement Review for Compliance Recommendations
  • Disclosure review for compliance recommendations
  • Policy review for compliance recommendations
  • Compliance Help Desk for Day to Day issues and Questions
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CBC has provided a trusted, consistent commitment and successful delivery to Independent Community Banks for 24 years.

Committed 100% to Community Banks:  CBC has the privilege of serving Community Financial Institutions exclusively.  We find that Community Bankers live their values of trust, integrity, honesty, and loyalty with their customers and with their partners.

CBC is your Bank’s Independent Advocate:  Our Team Members step into the shoes of the Independent Banker to provide the value of years of experience and knowledge of Bank Operations, Information Technology, and Regulatory Compliance.  When CBC is engaged to develop or implement solutions, negotiate vendor agreements, provide technology support, or resolve regulatory issues, our Team will bring the benefit of knowledge, experience, and credibility with a fair witness approach to deliver the best solution for the Bank.